High End New York Digital Marketing and Public Relation Management Company.

ENVSN Digital is a proud one-stop solution for all of the digital marketing and PR management needs of the developing businesses in economy. We, at the company are enthusiastically devoted to deliver services that empower and boost businesses around the globe.

Our client is our King and this is the rule that our organization follows by heart. We aim to make your experience so worthy that you forget worrying about your business growth. Our philosophy is maintaining a friendly relationship with our clients while not sacrificing professionalism. It helps us in the entire understanding of client’s business, goals and target audience. We strongly rest on striving to deliver the best possible outcomes with cutting edge technology and user-friendly design.

We believe that the economy is moving fast and changing constantly, and to compete in this fast paced era, one needs to get his marketing strategies intact. Thus, we are always up on improving and updating our services to offer the best, real time and result oriented delivery.

We’re a woman owned company with over 20 years of experience in technology and digital marketing. ENVSN has been assisting a number of esteemed brands to leave a print on digital, web and mobile platforms. With our team of experienced and skilled professionals we are proud to say that we own an incredible pool of Social Media Activists, Online Marketers, Strategists, Creative Designers and Developers. We get the return to our efforts in terms of client’s boosted sales, maximized leads, and overwhelming audience reach. We offer high-level SEO, PPC, Corporate and Collateral Designing, Digital Marketing and PR Management Services.

Jillian Panzella
Founder - ENVSN

Jillian Panzella, the founder, has an exposure to the advanced marketing and business techniques being associated with various top-notch marketing companies. She’s the pioneer of world’s first peer reviewed relaxation shot miniCHILL® featured in a number of recognized journals including NY Times. Jillian is the president of the International Women in Business Association and runs a wellness and computer coding program for the youth, NYC.

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