Sales Like Hotcakes

What are you doing downloading every freebie still? Buying those 8 dollar deals? It’s time to create a viable product! Look, if it’s easy for you, it will be easy for them. Here is a streamlined strategy in 3 steps with questions to help you build products and sell like hotcakes. Step One: Build your
All I want for Christmas is my sales goals met! Wouldn’t that be nice? It’s too easy to allow distraction and lose your sense of urgency with nog and mistletoe. Don’t let that happen. Beat distractions with urgency, lean in with massive action, and you will dominate the holiday season. Three key strategies to turn
Caution: A Peculiar story follows. I knew a girl who didn’t shop for flip-flops for years because she kept receiving flip flops as Christmas gifts. She accumulated so many pairs that she never needed to go buy flip flops again. Likewise, when it comes to driving traffic to your website, I say “give” traffic and
When it comes to social media and its future, be prepared! Some experts say that social media will soon be experiencing highly sophisticated algorithms that will put your content right in front of the users that desire your product! Is your baby product ready for market? Social media can sometimes feel as though it is

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