Branding made easy begins with knowing the parts. Let go of the busy work of spending hours contemplating shapes and lines that best represent your pet fish Yogi, your past lives, and your product. Below are bits and bolts of the branding business with action steps so that you can get out of the nitty
Those who live and breathe marketing are the magic makers of business. Great marketing always has an element of intrigue and fulfillment; It’s the indulgent story that has you sitting on the edge of your seat or drooling over the product before they even give you the big reveal. What makes marketing so powerful? Knowledge.
Negotiating can make us feel like we’re swindlers, hagglers, or at the worst, beggars but it doesn’t have to! No matter who you are, whether you are buying or selling, no one enjoys getting stuck in the mud of a bad negotiation. Here are 3 user-friendly negotiating techniques that that will prosper your words and

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