Common Branding Strategies Made Easy

Branding made easy begins with knowing the parts. Let go of the busy work of spending hours contemplating shapes and lines that best represent your pet fish Yogi, your past lives, and your product. Below are bits and bolts of the branding business with action steps so that you can get out of the nitty gritty and step on the path to branding freedom.

Here is the nut: Be human. We’ve heard before to have excellent branding you have to be authentic. As Marie Forleo put it, “Refreshingly real.” Great brands are authentic and share personal stories to get attention and gain a loyal following. Transparency with how you run your business and why you make decisions is excellent strategy for the “know, like, and trust” factor.

Take Action: Remember 3 significant stories that helped shape your passion for what you do. Begin to share them in words, pictures, shapes, colors, and symbols!

Here is the bolt: Be tech savvy. Get your tech details sorted out. The technical aspects are the tiny details that communicate with your tribe on an unconscious level! Research the colors, fonts, and style of marketing you love and do it exceptionally well. Do it better than anyone else.

Take Action: Create one document that has the following. Color scheme, keywords to use in your copy (think end result here), fonts, brand archetype, find 2-3 symbols of your messaging (from your story), 1-2 photos of yourself. Use this document to communicate your brand to VAs and other outsourced help.
Using the basic nuts and bolts of branding will keep it simple and streamlined. Regular review of your brand stories and cleaning up the tech will assist you in creating a strong enduring brand.

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