Everything You are Doing Wrong with Social Media Marketing Strategies and How to Change It!

Those who live and breathe marketing are the magic makers of business. Great marketing always has an element of intrigue and fulfillment; It’s the indulgent story that has you sitting on the edge of your seat or drooling over the product before they even give you the big reveal. What makes marketing so powerful? Knowledge. You’ve got to know your goal, client, and product. Below are some helpful hints at where you’re marketing strategy could be derailing, and how to set the train straight! Grab a pen, get back on track!

1. Accurately measuring or determining your goals. For any strategy to work it needs to be clearly defined and measureable. These numbers are not subjective “round abouts.” They are specific and created to help guide the next action steps for the best result for your efforts. Know your goal.
2. Know your client. Spamming social media feeds and direct messages are a fast way to label yourself as an amateur. The powerful marketing strategist will decide on a her target audience, study them, delegate the work, pay for ads, and or take time and effort getting to know their tribe.
3.Not knowing your product. What are you selling again? Don’t get on the sales call without assessing your own product from every angle. Don’t get on the call without having an answer for why yours is the best on the market! Know your product. Know it well. Take pride in it and sell the tar out of it!

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