How to Manage a Team

Managing a team is one of the most important parts of business management these days. In a world where people are always looking for the next big opportunity, it’s really important to attract team members that hold the same values and have long term goals that match your vision. While the next opportunity is valuable for them, losing valuable team members disrupts your overall mission. So, lets discuss a few ways that we can motivate and retain talent in the work place.

Gary Chapman, author of “The Five Love Languages” has written a book that takes his valuable principles and applies it to the workplace. This book is called “The Five Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace.” His new book discusses ways that you can use his techniques to identify how your team members feel appreciated, and then teaches you how to implement that in the work place. For instance: Those that crave quality time may appreciate team building activities or incorporating fun time into the work day. Acts of Service seekers would appreciate being asked if they need assistance in completing a task, but doing it in their way. If your team player needs physical touch, offer up a high five or a fist bump! For someone that feels appreciated through small gifts, treat them to lunch, or offer tickets to an event for a job well done. One of the most frequently seen types of appreciation in the workplace is verbal praise, but that doesn’t mean that we always do it correctly. Recognize these workers in a meeting, or send them an email highlighting their extra efforts. These types of recognition will go a long way to helping your team feel appreciated!

Here are some other ways you can recognize and motivate your team, making them more intrinsically driven and ensuring their satisfaction in the workplace.  You’ll find that many of these will fall into one of the categories listed above. Provide custom business cards to your team members, it provides a sense of ownership in their position. Provide your employees with the most high-tech equipment your company can afford, it increases productivity and tells employees that you care about providing the tools to complete their jobs to the best of their ability! If you are able to, offer flexibility in scheduling and plenty of paid vacation. Including personal days that they can use towards professional development or mental health communicates that you care about their well-being. Have high expectations for your employees! No one rises to low expectations.

Expressing appreciation for your employees is the key to building and retaining a team that is willing to work for you (and with you!). People work for a paycheck, but that paycheck is not what inspires them to come to work and give it their best day after day. Feeling appreciated, feeling like they are a part of something bigger, and realizing that they are important to the overall vision of the team is what leads to long term satisfaction with a company.

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