Is Social Media Still A Viable Platform for Blossoming Entrepreneurs?

When it comes to social media and its future, be prepared! Some experts say that social media will soon be experiencing highly sophisticated algorithms that will put your content right in front of the users that desire your product! Is your baby product ready for market?

Social media can sometimes feel as though it is too loud for any message to be heard. But the heart of social media is consistently planning for your success! It is constantly seeking to satisfy your audience, and their desire to be seen, heard, felt, appreciated, and experienced in a real and tangible way.

As social media evolves and the conditions are favorable, any entrepreneur budding or scaling has one main concern and that is to create extremely personalized and specific content. You can do that in 3 ways:

#1 Create and Regularly Refine Your Client Avatar – This means get out there and do some target market research. Know what they like to eat for dinner, or shows they watch!
#2 Consistently Refine Your Product – Test your product and have open conversations about where you need to tweak it to better serve your customers.
#3 Create easily digestible material. Whether it’s a quote card or a gif or an info graphic create it so that your audience can gain value within 15 seconds of viewing your post.

Facebook and now Instagram can change their algorithms, but you’ve got to keep showing up for yourself and for your business. Never give up in the face of so-called setbacks. Stay focused and keep your head in the game! Find what is working and run as far as you can with it!

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