Sales Like Hotcakes

What are you doing downloading every freebie still? Buying those 8 dollar deals? It’s time to create a viable product! Look, if it’s easy for you, it will be easy for them. Here is a streamlined strategy in 3 steps with questions to help you build products and sell like hotcakes.

Step One: Build your products! Ask yourself what would you pay 8 dollars for? Create one and add it to your products on your website. What about 25 dollars? Now Create that! Keep adding several different price points until you reach your high-end product!

Step Two: In the Words of Grant Cardone, “Embrace Sales!” Sales are your life and your whole reason for existing! After you have built time creating inventory, you are ready to sell. It’s game time! Make phone calls, offers, and keep testing and tweaking your products in order to close the sale.

Step Three: Don’t take anything personally! Leave your emotions, your self, your life opinions OUT! It’s impossible to efficiently serve someone with your product when you are worried about your own feelings and opinions on everything. Put your intention on connection. Connect as if your life depended on it!

An inspirational message once reminded me of the resilience required to be a great entrepreneur and saleswoman. It went like this, “If you knew you had to be rejected 37 times before you got a yes, and you were on number 13, how would you respond to the rejection? One down, 24 to go!

Sell, sell, sell and sell some more. Those numbers are directly proportionate to the products you have, the list your reach out to, and your ability to stay connected in negotiations! You go girl! Run with it!

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