Social Media Marketing

Have you ever had to tell your teenager not to bring their cellphone to the table? Maybe you’ve texted someone sitting across the room from you. Does multi-tasking mean scrolling through Facebook on your phone while watching a movie television? The reality is that in today’s world, we are spending more and more time on our cell phones. Half of our day takes place virtually, so traditional forms of marketing aren’t working anymore. Brands are starting to experience the fall out from a social media world. Instead of brands competing for commercials or billboards, brands are competing with thousands of small businesses using free marketing strategies (getting their product into the hands of influencers) to steal their business… and it’s working. Social media marketing is essentially one thing, influencer marketing. Influencer marketing doesn’t cost a lot, but it does have rules.

  1. Listen: Your job is to listen to what your clients want, and present them with that. Anything else is just noise.
  2. Value: The content that you provide must add something to the conversation already taking place. Share blogs or news articles. By sharing pertinent information that adds something to the conversation, you become more than just a retailer.
  3. Accessibility: Be available to answer questions and connect with your customer base.
  4. Reciprocity: If someone shares your content, share theirs if appropriate. We all grow together!
  5. Quality: Creating quality content is much more important than creating content for the purpose of creating content.
  6. Focus: Develop a specialty and stick to it. People will seek you out for your expertise.

Remember, success with social media doesn’t take place overnight.  It takes consistency, creativity, and perseverance.  With a little bit of effort, your website can generate the traffic necessary to make your business a success. Tell us in the comments, what do you expect from your customers when using social media marketing?

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