The Mystery of Internet Traffic Unveiled (Internet Traffic Part 2)

Don’t you want this website traffic mystery solved for good? You’re caught up spending hours on optimization and what you really need is a bottle of champagne and a bath bomb to recover from the painful maintenance! Spare the stress, sister! Grab the glass and run the water. Let’s dive into some of my favorite unsolved mysteries of internet traffic!

In “Website Traffic and Flip-flops” I explained the bigger picture of the internet functioning like a brain. When you link your own content to other sites, you link up! You are establishing internet memory to recall your material. Now, you will discover 4 more secrets for driving internet traffic to your site!

Secret #1 To link down, back, in and through (backlinking / inlinks). One way to do this is by linking your own articles into your own website. Unapologetic self-preservation!

Secret #2 Become a guest blogger on all other sites that discuss your niche! It’s a win-win! You get free traffic, and you’re adding to the collective body of knowledge.

Secret #3 Clean-up your old SEO and dump the articles that do not serve your present business! Like meditation, you gotta take those old thoughts to the dump!

Secret #4 (my favorite) Link to your target audience’s online hangouts. An example of doing this is using hashtags and topics that the leaders are using, tag them when you post, and inspire connection and community.

In driving school they taught me to be an assertive driver. I’m passing that wisdom your way. Be assertive, know your direction, and take the wheel, and Driver, Drive on! You got this!

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