User-Friendly Strategies for Prosperous Negotiating

Negotiating can make us feel like we’re swindlers, hagglers, or at the worst, beggars but it doesn’t have to! No matter who you are, whether you are buying or selling, no one enjoys getting stuck in the mud of a bad negotiation. Here are 3 user-friendly negotiating techniques that that will prosper your words and prepare your business for smooth sailing. Keywords to remember are: Agree, Knowledge, Kindness.

1.Always find yourself in Agreement throughout the process. Nothing sours a deal more than getting into a pick and choose style of debating over value. You’ve got to find yourself in agreement, If he says, he shoes are green, and you think they are blue. They’re green to him, so you can agree that his opinion is valid.

2.Come into the deal with the incredible value and KNOW your value. Be prepared to add more value? Almost think of it like. How much value can you add? Give more and more.

3.Courtesy and manners. Always, always give them your highest form of hospitality and manners. People won’t care about how much you know unless they know how much you care. Go the extra mile! Offer them something to drink or eat, add bonuses because you like them, be real and say thank you.

When you show up to a negotiation prepared to agree with everything, fully equipped with an extensive knowledge base about your product, and all the kindness of Mother Theresa you can and will sell anything.

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