Website Traffic & Flip Flops (Internet Traffic Part 1)

Caution: A Peculiar story follows. I knew a girl who didn’t shop for flip-flops for years because she kept receiving flip flops as Christmas gifts. She accumulated so many pairs that she never needed to go buy flip flops again. Likewise, when it comes to driving traffic to your website, I say “give” traffic and you won’t need to go out and “get” traffic.

There are a gajillion articles out there that talk about driving traffic to your website. Some popular ways are creating info graphics for Pinterest, creating an entertaining gif for tumbler, or showing up in daily in FB groups. Are you ready for the bigger picture? Below is an inside tip for seeing traffic strategy so that you will easily discover your next move!

Think of the internet like one giant brain. You have pathways with which all different types of information are associated. When one topic has multiple associations it will fire off the other ideas linked to it. Here’s where you come in with all your delicious content! Tip: Start linking the crap out of the content made by the leaders of your industry and your website and products will gain visibility.

Also maintain the big picture with social media websites. Remember! They are a website first, platform and network second. Use them strategically. LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumbler, Facebook, Instagram are great starting points for driving traffic to your site. Link and tag to your favorite profiles to broaden your network and rank higher in the “brain chain”! Your content needs to stay in communication with the industry’s best! Be bold and go for it! Link away!


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